About Hank Freid
Hank Freid
CEO Impulsive Group
Hank Freid  
  Hank Freid  has been a driving force within the Manhattan real estate community since 1976. His portfolio includes a number of luxury hotel properties throughout Manhattan including the Ameritainia Hotel at 54th and Broadway, the Marrakech Hotel on the Upper West Side and his most recent acquistion, the four-star Sanctuary Hotel located in the heart of Times Square on West 47th Street. Freid also has serveral charter yachts operating in the
Mediterranean and Bahamas.

For over 30 years, Freid’s properties have been catering to international tourists and students alike, providing them alternative boutique hotel options around the city. Forerunner in the boutique bargain hotel industry, Freid offers travelers superior accommodations and exceptional customer service at affordable rates. Throughout his properties, there is no skimping of style, comfort and decor, and each hotel holds a unique character of its own. He has not only transformed neglected buildings into successful, thriving hotels, but helped to revitalize entire metropolitan neighborhoods in the process.

When he’s not expanding his luxury holdings, this lifelong New Yorker enjoys vacationing in the Mediterranean, boating and tennis with his son, and spending time with his daughter Nicole and her family. He is actively involved with Temple Beth Torah and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in memory of his sister.
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