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Hank Freid, CEO/Founder of Impulsive Group, has been a real estate powerhouse within New York City since 1976. His portfolio includes a growing number of luxury hotel properties throughout Manhattan such as the four-star Ameritania Hotel at 54th and Broadway, the Moroccan-themed Marrakech Hotel on the Upper West Side and, his most recent acquisition, the ultrachic Sanctuary Hotel located in the heart of Times Square on West 47th Street. Undergone a complete renovation, the luxurious Sanctuary Hotel has lately been soaring with popularity, especially with the addition of the exotic-themed Haven Rooftop. Freid also has several charter yachts operating in the Mediterranean and Bahamas.

Throughout his exceptional career, Hank Freid has become a symbol of success, converting neglected buildings into thriving and respected hotels for over 30 years. Through this, he has also helped to revive the look and feel of entire neighborhoods in Manhattan. Freidís properties provide posh and comfortable lodgings for weekday corporate clients while keeping the energy high and the rooms plush for the weekend NYC tourist traffic. Each hotel holds a unique character of its own but all provide exceptional customer service and superior accommodations. Freidís legendary S.T.A.R. concierge service, Service Tailored to Any Request, has caught the attention of everyone from celebrities to CEOs alike.

Hank Freidís newest success, the elegant and urbane Sanctuary Hotel, is quickly proving to be the sought after destination in Midtown. Only 6 months after it opened its doors, Sanctuary was named International Hotel of the Year at the 2011 European Hospitality Awards. Itís acclaimed rooftop lounge Haven has been a hotspot for some of the cityís most high-class events, gaining the attention of both big names and travellers from around the world. Sparking from this additional acclaim, the Sanctuary continues to expand with projects underway such as Foxhole, a retro-inspired yet sophisticated lounge on the hotelís lobby level. Designed with brick walls and dim lighting to exude a warm intimate feel, Foxhole is set to open in Fall 2013.

When Freid is not expanding his luxury holdings, the lifelong New Yorker enjoys vacationing in the south of France and Italy, boating and tennis with his son and Vice-President of Impulsive Group Brandon and spending time with his daughter Nicole, son-in-law and grandchildren. Also actively involved with Temple Emanuel and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in memory of his sister, Freid maintains a strategic balance between his work, philanthropies, family and leisure.

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